Sustainable fashion shopping guide

By Sophie Sonnenberger

Even though many celebrities wear eco-friendly dresses on the red carpets these days, sustainable fashion still doesn`t have a glamorous image. Eco-friendly clothes are supposed to be bulky, itchy and pale. And in fact a lot of people picture old mouldy shopping venues instead of posh designer boutiques. To get rid of these dated cliques we are going to amaze you with our sustainable shopping guide. We can strongly recommend ten well-reputed designers and online-shops, who create everything form from precious bridal gowns to cool Panama hats. You might be surprised to find some ‘familiar faces’ on our list. Let’s see which designer one you prefer:

 Stella McCartney 


The British designer is an absolute paradigm when it comes to eco friendly fashion. She doesn`t use leather or fur in her designs and still managed to create one of the world`s most famous it-bags: the Falabella bag. She always strives to use the most environmentally friendly fabrics possible. For example sunglasses from castor oil seeds.

From Somewhere


Who says a label can`t make the most gorgeous gowns out of up cycled fabrics? Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci are the founders of the label ‘From Somewhere’ and they create absolutely beautiful dresses worn by a lot of celebs on the red carpet. They also show their tailoring skills on their range of every-day-clothing. Their goal: turning the ‘exquisite rubbish’ from textile mills, manufacturing houses or landfills into something new and stunning.



There is definitely nothing cooler than a Panama hat on a hot summer day. The UK based founder of ‘Patchacuti’ Carry Somers agrees and this is why she supports women in the rural areas of Ecuador, as hat making is their only chance to pay their rents and escape poverty.

People Tree 


Safia Minney was one of the first fashion designers to launch an environmentally friendly collection in 1991. For more than 20 years the label has partnered up with Fair Trade artisans and supports local farmers and workers to live a better life. Famous actress Emma Watson was impressed by the convincing concept, too and agreed to collaborate with People Tree.




Edun is U2 frontman Bono`s and his wife Ali Hewson`s own label belonging to LVMH group. The brand works together with African communities in order to develop business structures throughout the continent. All the Edun products are produced in

an environmentally friendly way and are absolutely desirable for fashionistas with a sense for well-crafted yet contemporary clothing.

Honest by 


Bruno Pieter`s online shop is as posh as famous online shops, such as ‘Netaporter’ or ‘Mytheresa’, and so are the precious clothes. But the shop sells just eco friendly fashion and it makes the whole supply chain transparent for the online costumers. This makes Honest by the first online shopping venue, which guarantees full tractability from cotton farming until shipping.

Susan Woo


‘The future of fashion relies on both the ingenuity of design and the sustainability of the environment,’ says Susan Woo. She is the founder of her eponymous label. For her brand she is using 100 % eco and sustainably friendly fabrics, but that isn`t enough for her. Susan Woo`s products are also produced by well-trained and fair paid seamstresses. Due to their good knowledge they are able to make products of the best quality possible.



Always inspired by her love of vintage fashion, London-based designer Minna Hepburn creates the most beautiful dresses. And she wows even more with her playful range of romantic bridal gowns. No matter if lovely children`s wear, amazing bridal dresses or florally summer skirts Hepurn always relies on environmentally friendly techniques, local manufacturing and as little pollution of our planet as possible.



The founders of Cred Jewellery believe that beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets should neither bring harm to local formers, nor to our environment. This is why they make the whole production process from the mine to the shop fully transparent. They pay fair prices to the miners and can develop a relationship to the mining community, which wants to escape poverty.


Neliana Fuenmayor and Paula Maso are the founders of the label ÆTHER. They both met at London College of Fashion and decided to launch a transparent fashion label. They share all the information about the production process and the suppliers and therefore guarantee full traceability. They also strive to design timeless clothing, which survives in costumer`s closets for decades and hence minimalize environmental pollution.

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