Fashion Fake Faces

made-in-china-stampBy Vivian Fernandes

Some companies try to “hide” their compromising past putting a sustainable stamp in their bags, or even writing in their websites that they do some programmes in Bangladesh to help with the Rana Plaza disaster. They are trying to trick with the people that don’t know about what happened, or just changed, like expected?

One good example of this is Primark and TNS Knitwear. The scandal in 2008 can have affected the consumption of their clients, because the BBC team discovered that they paid just £3.50 per hour for factory workers that worked up to 12 hours a day, while they should receive £5.73, and many of them was with expired visa and with another illegal conditions. At the same time, in their website, was written that they did not break the ethical code or explore their workers, and their code of conduct says that the garments should be made in safe and hygienic conditions.

Even with all the proves, the fast fashion store still sells clothes without information about where the clothes were made, like the famous “Made in China” in the label. They are signing as ethical trending, but they really changed or are them just trying to hide wrong procedures again?

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